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Once you become a "true disciple", it is equivalent to becoming an immortal. From then on, it is precious and becomes an important existence in the school. However, after careful investigation, although the "true disciples" are highly worshipped in the inner school, they are still disciples of the school, and there is no qualitative difference between them. When Lin Xi saw him, he still only needed to meet him with the courtesy of his younger brother. As for the identity of the "divine concubine". This is a relationship between disciples, which is not recognized by the sect, nor is it recognized by Lin Xi. You're here at last. The fifth God imperial concubine's lazy eyes, buzzed, blinked twice, and then suddenly opened, bright eyes, a piece of fine awn burst out. As soon as she opened her eyes, the breath on the body of the fifth imperial concubine immediately changed. As if an inanimate marble had come to life, it gave off a strong breath of life. Even the breath in the whole hall came to life and seemed lively. The original strong noble breath on the body of the "Fifth Imperial Concubine" was more than ten times stronger in an instant. Just like the concubines of the Nine Heaven Fairy Palace, they landed in the mortal world. …… It's not easy to see you. A smile appeared at the corners of the mouth of the "Fifth Imperial Concubine", and she stretched out her slender hands like green onions and waved her hand slightly to the left and right. Yes, the divine concubine. Around the high platform, eight delicate maids with long gold and red skirts knelt on the ground,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, bowed, and then filed out and left the earth. In the blink of an eye, only Lin Xi and the fifth imperial concubine were left in the hall. It was quiet in the hall. The fifth God imperial concubine "staring at Lin Xi, two people's eyes in the void congenial, after a moment," the fifth God imperial concubine "suddenly sneer at a smile, that smile thousands of Yan: "Younger Martial Brother Lin, do you know that you look at people like that?". But people will die? No one in the whole Shenxiao Sect dared to look at me with such eyes except women and the top of the sect. Lin Xi was stunned when he heard this,stainless steel welded pipe, but he didn't notice the courtesy. However, a little thought, then laughed: "Oh, Elder Martial Sister is really good at joking. If one look will kill people, then I really don't believe in evil. I need to look at it more." Lin Xi said that his eyes were unbridled, from top to bottom, from left to right, and he looked at the fifth imperial concubine carefully: "Look, I'm not dead yet?" "Cluck." The fifth God imperial concubine jade body trembles lightly, was made to laugh by Lin Xi, in her beautiful eyes the different color circulation, along the black gold step, walked down leisurely from the high platform: "Dare to eat my tofu, Lin Xi, you have a lot of courage." Although the words that came out made people tremble with fear, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, the expression of the fifth imperial concubine did not mean much blame. On the contrary, there is a faint taste of indulgence. Lin Xi's heart thumped a few times, and he had to admit that this woman's every move really had a kind of soul-stirring, fascinating, infatuated conflict. However, Lin Xi also felt that the fifth imperial concubine seemed to be intentionally teasing him. Although Lin Xi is not afraid of the son of God psychologically, the fifth imperial concubine is, after all, the "immortal couple" of the son of God. This kind of woman can be favored by the son, and she is absolutely outstanding. It's the first time the two sides have met, and it's still too dangerous to play this game of ambiguous language with women who don't understand and don't know the depth. Elder Martial Sister, if you don't mind. I want to borrow your hall to practice first. Lin Xi suddenly smiled and sat down in the void. Say that finish, also do not wait for "the fifth God imperial concubine" to agree, or object, eyes closed, directly began in the "fifth God imperial concubine" in the small cave, practice up. Hum! Lin Xi pinched the formula and offered sacrifices to the "seal", and the True Qi in his body rumbled like a surge, and began to absorb the scattered "Space True Qi" in his body. These "Space True Qi" are the "Holy King Level" True Qi that was blasted into the body when they fought with the "Empty Holy King" before. Although Lin Xi got rid of the pursuit of the "Empty Sage King", he had no time to deal with the chaotic "Space True Qi" left by the "Empty Sage King" in his body. This kind of alien True Qi, which is blasted into the body by others, usually escapes quickly after the fight, or at least most of it finds a channel to vent, but Lin Xi is different. He blocked the acupoints of his whole body at the beginning, blocking the True Qi of the "Empty Sage King" in his body. The reason is very simple, that is, the True Qi of the "Empty Sage King" is very useful to Lin Xi. That kind of pure space energy, and Lin Xi's "seal" of the same origin, can be absorbed. The realm of "Empty Sage King" is far higher than that of Lin Xi. Empty is the realm of learning, but also far more than Lin Xi's "seal", if Lin Xi wants to absorb his True Qi from the Empty Sage King, it is impossible. But if it is to absorb the True Qi left in his body after he is disconnected, it will be completely different. Boom! Lin Xi's body is like a tide of True Qi, sending out bursts of roaring sound, unexpectedly regardless, directly in the small cave of the "Fifth Divine Concubine", practicing the "seal", completely forgetting the beautiful "Fifth Divine Concubine" outside. (To be continued) 〖∷〗 www/ m Chapter 451 the wooing of the imperial concubine. "Interesting.." The "Fifth Imperial Concubine" gently brushed her hair with her delicate fingers, and a strange look flashed in her eyes. Lin Xi's attitude as if no one was watching really brought her a very strange feeling. At least before that, no one dared to enter her little cave, the queen of heaven, to practice by herself as if no one was watching, and then throw her aside. The fifth imperial concubine has a lofty status and is extremely honored in the clan. She does not have the so-called bitchy character. After being offended, she secretly feels that this person is great and values him. Really let her ignore Lin Xi this kind of behavior, the reason that does not care about this, only lies in, she in Lin Xi body,304 Stainless Steel Coil, and did not feel any offensive taste. Lin Xi has absolutely no worship or dignity for her from other disciples. He had a completely equal attitude and regarded her as an ordinary elder sister in the clan. But it is definitely not superior to others, look at her posture. Lin Xi gives her the feeling, more is a kind of spontaneous feeling. This feeling is really very novel.

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